a11yFirst for CKEditor: Changing the Way People Think about Creating online Content

Jon Gunderson

Disability Resources and Education Services

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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EASI Webinar

April 26th, 2018



  1. Overview
  2. University of Illinois Library CMS
  3. A11yFirst Project Goals
  4. Author Thinking of WYSISWYG Editors
  5. Change User Thinking About Accessibility
  6. a11yFirst configuration of CKEditor
  7. A11yFirst Demo
  8. Headings and Paragraphs
  9. Links
  10. Images
  11. Help/Information
  12. a11yChecker (quail engine)
  13. WordPress Plugin
  14. Bug with WordPress plugin Advanced Form Fields (ACF)
  15. Drupal Plugin
  16. Next Steps
  17. E-mail Discussion and Github Repository
  18. Training and Open Source Tools from Illinois
  19. Questions and Discussion